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Bottlesmoker produces self made instrument with a bending circuit process. Angkuy and Nobie love toy musical instruments such as Glockenspiel, Hand Bell, Melodica, and any toys that produces any sounds like Toy Phones, Radio, Nintendo DS. Angkuy and Nobie also capable to produce and combine different sounds from different instrument as a harmony. Beside that, Bottlesmoker too create a custom music instrument such as Noise Box, Theremin, 8 Step Sequencer, and those facts make Bottlesmoker produce such a characterized sounds that no other musicians have.

In their musical creation process, Bottlesmoker has inspired a lot by musicians such as Lullatone, Dan Deacon, and Tidy Kid. Also Angkuy and Nobie too inspired by their environment and surroundings, with this, their music has become one personal, intimate sanctuary, that successfully transferred to their audience. Like a happy place where you do your daily activities, a home, a company to sleep to, to ride to, to read to, to make art to, etc.

Bottlesmoker has been born by a rebellion. Rebellion to crash the normal pattern of making music with their own characterized patterns. In the beginning of 2005, when the boys have been making instrumental down tempo electronic beats, it was actually hard excepted by public, who’s been entertained by up tempo, techno house electronic beat. Angkuy and Nobie came up with such new concept that it was hard to received and enjoyed. That is why Bottlesmoker did all the production, distribution and promotion by themselves.

Angkuy and Nobie written all the songs in their rooms. They recorded, mixed, and mastered the songs using their own laptop. That is why people have been talked of their successfully Out of The Bedroom Musician, and inspired other Bedroom Musicians to actually go public, out of the comfort of their rooms! they need no recording studio, as they have their own rooms.

Angkuy and Nobie’s songs proposals have been rejected many times by local record labels in Indonesia, whose maybe aren’t familiar with the genre and the sounds of their music. Maybe it’s not gonna be a best seller, or simply it’s not gonna sell, but that doesn’t make the boys given up. It actually made them stronger, more independent, and chose to live by the internet.

The rejections, made Bottlesmoker chose to do the interactions with people from outside the country. Angkuy and Noble believe in “if there are 10 people who hate your music, there will be 100 people or more out there who love your music elsewhere.” and, yes, there were many of them people. They give such positive feedback, in 2006 Bottlesmoker released their first album Before Circus Over for free download in Myspace, and re-released by netlabel: Neovinyl Records from Spain. In 2008, Bottlesmoker got an offer to release the second album Slow Mo Smile by Probablyworse Records in USA, also re-released by Neovinyl Records afterward.

Internet has became such a good option of Bottlesmoker, that they continue all of their musical activities on it. Learn, research, experiments, social interactions, distribution, promotions, all internet-based. When Bottlesmoker music wasn’t permitted to play in local radios because of the instrumental concept, Angkuy and Nobie once again turn to internet for their home, a streaming in Myspace, Bandcamp, or even Soundcloud. When Indonesian Television were in doubt of playing their long duration video clip, they once again turn to Youtube and Vimeo. When every other musicians racing their way to a fine record labels for the sake of marketing values, Bottlesmoker giving away their music for free through netlabels, so everybody enjoys it. Even, for promotions, Bottlesmoker using Social Media Network system by themselves, and cooperating with Online based Magazine for trusted reviews.

So, with only internet as the path, the music of Bottlesmoker has been spread widely, and massively. Finally Indonesia gave Bottlesmoker another look. Indonesia’s learning to accept this amazing music of Bottlesmoker since 2008. Inspired a lot of musicians, Bottlesmoker been named as one of the funder of internet based musicians, specially in Indonesia.

Free Music Share
Angkuy and Nobie have a principal belief that many musicians in Indonesia doesn’t have. The boys are open to any creative works, and they think that Bottlesmoker music is made to be shared and enjoyed without borders. “We just wanna share. We write songs not for sale. No thoughts about how it’s not gonna sold out. Whatever, we think only about sharing, and sharing the feeling, which turn out to be formed in music.” Since the release of their first album, Bottlesmoker been giving away their albums, even before internet has became so easy to access in Indonesia. Angkuy and Nobie single handedly give their album in CD-R to people who attend the shows they’re in. A copy-paste method was used- Bottlesmoker built a small booth when they perform, and they provided computer to copy-paste the songs to your media storage. There was also S.A.S.E method (Send Address Stamped Envelope) to people who send blank CD-R to their address. The boys would burn their songs, videos, and photos into the CDs and send it to you. And when internet has became an easy way, you can just download it from the links they gave you! All that for the sake of sharing, and teaching people that not everything given free is not worth listening. Not every musicians is money oriented. They even open about sharing the knowledge about software, costuming your own music instrument, circuit bending. They are open to any activities about sharing the knowledge about the music they shared. Finally, Bottlesmoker has became one of the music project that introduced Free Music Sharing in Indonesia, which is used for other musicians now – promoted their single for free.

Creative Commons
Bottlesmoker is still an example for music project who introduced you to “a sincere art” through out ther free shared music. “Free shared music is not only about the music that share freely. Same as the free will and freedom of speech, free music is beautiful amazing concept, it can transform to a new work of art, a new inspiration and motive to create.” And that way, Bottlesmoker is successfully introduce you to a term Creative Common License in Indonesia, tech about how to legally download a music, introduce a mock up term “copyleft”, introduce you to have respect to people’s work, specially on internet.

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Bottlesmoker is a music project by Anggung Suherman (Angkuy) and Ryan Nobie Adzani, from Bandung, Indonesia. In 2005, this duo has been working on experimental music in area of electronic pop – indietronic instrumental, that was still a rare thing to do in Indonesia circa 2000s. Bottlesmoker has been doing lots of experiment in the songs making using toy musical instrument and custom equipment, so the sounds that produced were so unique with a hint of a pop music taste that is so catchy, and unique at the same time.

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